About Me

My name is Megan and I live in Southeast Michigan. I have lived in Pure Michigan all of my life and I have a lot of pride for my home state. I graduated with a degree in Education, followed by a graduate degree in Communication. I am basically happy when I am motivating and helping others.

I feel that family is very important and I love occasions when we can all get together and eat, what else? I am known by friends and family as the one who always brings the chocolate. My grandfather nicknamed me Candy and I certainly live up to that nickname because I can eat sweets all day long.

I am fairly new to making custom cakes and sweets, but it is something I truly LOVE. My boyfriend got me some baking and cake supplies 2 years ago for Christmas and ever since I am been teaching myself (through much trial and air) how to make cool and creative cakes. I feel as though I always have ideas floating around my head, This journey is so much fun and I would love to some day turn it into a career.

Check out my website for more photos. www.megstercakes.webs.com.